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Natural wood veneer collage


In modern home decoration, natural wood veneer is popular among the family because of its good performance. Then, after choosing natural wood veneer , what kind of way should be used for splicing? Let me know.

Natural wood veneer , full name veneer veneer plywood, which is a kind of surface material used for interior decoration or furniture manufacturing by cutting natural wood into a certain thickness, adhering to the surface of plywood and then hot pressing. .

First, the natural fight

The biggest feature is that there are no mountain lines, all of which are straight lines. In the collage, if the straight line is reversed by 90 degrees, there is a sense of space for the extended space, and the small space can also have a large space and a sense of sight. All of the natural wood veneer panels with straight lines, irregularly sorted collages, can make the decoration space have a high degree of uniformity, higher coordination, and the overall look is simple and refreshing. Suitable for creating modern minimalist styles.

Second, the solid wood fight

It is a cross-stitched collage of straight lines and mountains, showing the varied texture of natural wood. Especially for the extension parts such as the wall surface, the solid wood is used to make the space very layered. If you are pursuing a natural texture, if you want to make your home environment more creative, solid wood is a good choice. Rich and rich colors and jumping textures show the elegant and rich lifestyle of the occupants, making it easier to create a neo-classical style. Different collages will bring different visual feelings, whether it is natural spelling or solid wood spelling, you can feel the charm from nature.

For example, the natural wood veneer of Jisheng Tang Dynasty. European imports of eucalyptus multi-layer whole core consolidation, thousands of tons of presses cold and hot forming, high bonding strength, high flatness, good plasticity. Using self-developed environmentally friendly glue, formaldehyde is close to zero release, healthy and environmentally friendly. There is no need to bother to find similar lines or aluminum strips. Each piece of wood veneer has a special edge to provide the edge to use, and the same batch of wood is made, so that the edge can be completed in one go.

In the Jisheng Tang Dynasty , professionalism created high-quality products.


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